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Bohème Lisboa was born to satisfy all women who care about fashion and current trends, allowing each one to be able to create their own style and reflect their own personality.

The pieces of Bohème Lisboa are handmade in Portugal, in Sterling silver 925 and gold vermeil, with simple, minimalist and elegant design.


All our products are made in sterling silver 925 and gold vermeil with is a thick layer of gold over solid sterling silver , duly certified by Contrastaria of INCM.

INCM's provides this guarantee through verification of the legal touch and the application of the contrast next to the responsibility mark, manufacturer or equivalent. The application of the marks is only obligatory in pieces weighing more than 2 grams, with legal marks of the Portuguese contrast.

For more information of the Portuguese legal marks you can access the INCM site.

The customer may, in case of doubt as to the authenticity of the trademarks, use, for the purpose of the assignment, the services of the INCM's Contrastaria.

Company information Boheme Lisboa jewelry:

Let's shoot unipessoal lda

VAT number: 513206582

Activity     P320094


Phone - +351 213 470 963

WhatsApp - +351 920 505 749





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